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About Us

closeup portrait of a pretty women and a pharmacist

For over 50 years, Mort Jacobs Pharmacy has been serving the community by making pharmaceutical products and services available to its members. Our inventory is composed of reputable brands that are known for their effectiveness, safety, and reliability. Our services are rendered in a professional manner to ensure that you are getting what you deserve.

Even under the new ownership since 2005, we still strive hard to make our clients know our brand of customer service by making sure that they receive high-quality pharmaceutical products as well as services.

Our pharmacy is manned by a staff who understands your needs and will be attentive to your concerns and address them accordingly. With Mort Jacobs Pharmacy, you will experience quality products and quality services.

Our Mission

At Mort Jacobs Pharmacy, you’re more than just a customer. Whether it’s greeting you by name or discussing your personal health needs, our staff is committed to providing you with exceptional service.

Come visit our store today, or call us at 973-279-4600 for your queries.

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